Versaweb DDoS Protection

Protection up to 500Gbps with our guaranteed 99% uptime SLA.

If you need higher levels of protection, an uptime SLA, or a have an sensitive application that requires full-time mitigation, our Enterprise DDoS Protection may be just what you are looking for. Featuring a 99% uptime SLA and with available protection levels up to 500Gbps, our service can protect you against almost any attack. Even small DDoS attacks can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost sales and productivity.

With the size and frequency of these attacks continuing to increase at alarming rates, Versaweb's Enterprise DDoS Mitigation service a must-have addition to any dedicated or cloud server. Don't wait until your website or application is already under attack - protect yourself today and save yourself the headache.

DoS Protected Network

All Versaweb dedicated and cloud servers are protected by our custom DDoS protection system, developed exlcusively for our high-performance network. This system utilizes real-time traffic flows to detect and stop attacks before they affect our network.

  • Attacks are automatically detected within seconds without any manual intervention.
  • Attacked IP addresses are automatically re-routed to our DDOS filtering system, protecting our network.
  • Included at no charge on every server

DDoS Mitigation Service

If you can't afford to have your website or application down due to an attack, our Basic DDoS Mitigation Service can help. Our system will filter the attack traffic while allowing the legitimate traffic to pass through our filters, keeping your website or application up at all times.

  • Protection up to 10Gbps / 2Mpps
  • Automatic Protection - no manual intervention is needed to activate
  • Included on all dedicated and cloud servers at no additional cost.

Protection for Services

If your website or application is hosted elsewhere, we can still help defend against attacks without making any changes to your hosting. Using our Reverse Proxy protection, we can filter attacks up to 500Gbps / 50Mpps, passing only legitimate traffic back to your server.

  • Reverse Proxy or GRE Tunnel Protection
  • Attacks are scrubbed by our equipment, sending only valid traffic to your server
  • No need to change hosting providers - only a few simple DNS changes are required

Accurate Attack Filtering

Protect your website or application without negatively affecting your users.

Versaweb's Enterprise DDoS mitigation system utilizes real-time flow monitoring and heuristic algorithms to separate legitimate user traffic from attack traffic with an almost uncanny level of accuracy. Unlike other DDoS protection systems that often block legitimate users from accessing your website or application, or will force the user to complete a CAPTCHA form or jump over other hurdles before being allowed to your website, it's transparent.

Monitoring & Reporting

Protect your network utilizing attack statitics and data.

Our Attack Monitoring and Reporting system will provide all users of our Enterprise DDoS Mitigation services to see our system in action. With statistics that span across the entire network, our users can gain visibitily on large attacks without the constrains typically found in traditional flow monitoring. Attack traffic levels, source networks, protocol information, and all other data you need to determine how to better protect your environment is right at your fingertips.

This feature is currently in development, and will be released to all of our Enterprise DDoS Mitigation customers as soon as is is available.

Cloud Protection

  • 500Gbps / 50Mpps Protection
  • 1 Protected IP
  • Mitigates all types of attacks
  • Versaweb Cloud Only


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Dedicated Protection

  • 500Gbps / 50Mpps Protection
  • 1 Protected IP
  • Mitigates all types of attacks
  • Versaweb Dedicated Only


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Reverse Proxy

  • 500Gbps / 50Mpps Protection
  • 1 Protected IP - Any Service
  • 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • Any Host - Any Service


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